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About Next Gen Greats

The Next Generation of Greats is a blog focused on unpacking creative movements, moments and figures within media and entertainment.

The blog was launched in January 2018 by Yalezo Njuguna, more commonly known as Yazz The Student, as a means of discovering interesting young creatives within South Africa’s independent sector. It has since grown to discuss, unpack and promote web-series, films, television, music and wider entertainment topics related to South African, African and diaspora culture. For youth and from youth, this a space dedicated to looking at what’s coming next.

Creator and Curator – Yazz The Student

As of April 2021, The Next Generation of Greats has registered presence in over 130 territories worldwide this year, with our current top 5 viewership being:

1) South Africa, 2) The United States, 3) The United Kingdom, 4) Nigeria and 5) Germany

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Next Generation Spotlights

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