Macc Gee: Limpopo’s Fashion Prodigy

The 19 year old prodigy we’re covering here is sleeker than your average and has no qualms in showing it. Repping Limpopo Macc Gee is a multi-talented creatives who’s been making waves as a stylist and designer whilst juggling growing his MC (read: Master of Ceremonies) and entertaining skills. One look at his Instagram page shows not only his potential but a sharpened skill of the game and the roles he wants to play in it.

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At 19 Macc Gee is our youngest feature on Next Generation of Greats but that’s how much his ethic speaks for itself. He started designing clothes from as young as 14 years old and naturally progressed into styling. He loves styling, especially building the confidence of his clients. His styling game has been so on point that this trailblazer already has the cred in the music game, styling for hip-hop mainstay Priddy Ugly, as well as A-Reece, The Wrecking Crew, Benny Afroe, Benchmarq, Ecco and Flame to name a few.

Macc Gee has already started releasing original designs for sale. His current collection consists of an assortment of pants all showcased on his Instagram page, with a few showcased below. This prodigy has built a strong social media presence, especially on Instagram with a follower base of 68K and is still growing strong. His following has really allowed him to maximise and build on his other talents, talents including modelling and MCing. To paraphrase a lyric from his older brother, Macc Gee is really doing the tings and this kid isn’t one to be messed with.


6 thoughts on “Macc Gee: Limpopo’s Fashion Prodigy

  1. This guy is a scam! We ordered things, paid money and never received it. To make it worse he just goes silent!


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