What’s Hot On The Screen, Abo Booi Interview on Jerusalema Challenge and Content Creation; October 2020

Yo, what’s up you’re listening to What’s Hot On The Screen with Yazz The Student.

Welcome to What’s Hot On The Screen, our segment that focuses on new and interesting releases in the world of online content, film and television. This week we jump into the world of online content creation with our special guest; Abo Booi. This UCT honours student is behind one of the more cinematic YouTube channels in South Africa and recently released a blockbuster Jerusalema challenge; starring Shamilla Miller and Tyrone Keogh. We sat down with the trailblazing content creator, via Zoom, to learn a little more about how the challenge came about and his journey as a content creator. Find out more about challenge and his journey as creator in our interview below! Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Captivate FM and more. Find your preferred streaming experience here.


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