The Afriquan Film Podcast – Exploring African Cinema

A good story can crackle through every fiber of your being, change your worldview or even your life. Stories are our bedrock and they are our gold. For them to thrive we need to know them, nurture them and build more fertile ground for them to grow. At the beginning of South Africa’s 21-Day-Lockdown, I had launched an online film club called Afriquan Film, in the hopes of discovering more of our stories and fostering conversations around them with people willing to engage, and genuinely the experience was more than I could have hoped for. The original film club went through 8 films and managed to foster robust conversations as well as Q&A sessions with willing filmmakers including the likes of Jahmil X.T Qubeka, Likarion Wainaina amongst others. It allowed some of us the opportunity to really discover some incredibly amazing stories, and with this next step we’re looking to continue this expedition within a different format.

Launching next week, The Afriquan Film podcast is a series, hosted by Yazz The Student, that explores our continent’s cinematic landscape through film recommendations, as well as conversations with pertinent practitioners working within this creative industry. Hosted by Yazz The Student, the podcast’s first season will span thirteen episodes, with guests that range from award-winning filmmakers to lawyers, casting directors, festival organizers and more in the search to understand more about our continent’s cinematic landscape and the infrastructure that surrounds it. The first episode’s guest is blogger, club runner and Showmax Publicist, Kevin Kriedemann. Follow and/or subscribe to Afriquan Film on the available streaming platform of your choice here.

Afriquan Film is an Enraptured Odyssey production and the first six episodes were made possible by The Department of Sports, Arts and Culture’s Co-Vid Relief Fund. The Afriquan Film podcast will be available on streaming platforms like Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple, Amazon and more, follow @afriquanfilm on Instagram and Twitter for more.


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