The Next Gen Greats Podcast, Episode 3 – Understanding Nobility: The Noble Story

Our first series; Telling The Story presents it’s third episode and this time we’re getting into the world of production. This Next Gen Greats podcast series a podcast puts artists front-and-centre, as they tell us the story of their body of work, and the journey, triumphs and tribulations that went into it. I grew up being so fascinated by the behind-the-scenes junkets and EPK’s that would come out in support of an album release or a movie. Understanding more of the journey that goes into these works of art, developed my appreciation not only for the projects that were being highlighted but the art-forms in general. So, this is a series that aims to bring a little bit of that for whoever is willing to listen and right from the source’s mouth. Our third guests are the hitmaking production duo, Noble; Bubele Booi and David Balshaw. Listen to the podcast on your preferred streaming site here.

Understanding Nobility – The Noble Story Official Teaser

Noble have been producing music as a duo for close to half a decade. Their production discography including hits like Manu WorldStar’s Nalingi, Ami Faku’s Ebhayi, Lady Zamar’s Dangerous Love, JON VINYL’s Star-Crossed as well as current hit Sunday Morning with Manana and Rowlene. The South Africa/United States of America-based duo are also the primary producers on Swazi-crooner Manana’s EP In The Beginning was The End. Listen to the podcast to find out how they met, their songwriting process, the meaning behind their name and the inspiration behind Manana’s romance as well as so much more. Presenting Understanding Nobility – The Noble Story, currently available on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon, Captivate and more.

Credit: Understanding Nobility Teaser Visuals made using and by creators: BigWings – The Universe Within caseif – Trap Nation Visualizer Incept – Trap Nation Visualizer


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