We Can Go Again – MAUIMØON & La Soulchyld featuring Chxf Barry, Top 22 Songs of 2022

When it comes to contemporary R&B, there are few songs that have had me as addicted as the sneaky link escapade that is We Can Go Again. MAUIMØON delivers top-shelf crooning as he appeals to a girl to leave her man and come to him for another night of sexual pleasure.

We Can Go Again is disrespectfully smooth from its mesmerizing instrumentation to the way MAUIMØON’s husky tone colours its way through the vocal production. The song opens with an orchestrally lush intro before a scintillating groove settles in, as MAUIMØON declares “Time again you come to me but we said we’re only friends… And he don’t know just where you’ve been, it’s just not the same with that man. Oh baby let’s keep it real…” This man is fiending as he taunts the cycle of their ‘friendly’ arrangement, teasing her with the things he’ll do to her because he wants to go again.

MAUIMØON, La Soulchyld and Chxf Barry cooked up a seductive romper that’s as steamy as their East African climate. It’s an aptly titled banger because Again carries a vibe that you want to keep playing. 2022 has been one of my favourite years in experiencing the diversity of R&B within Africa and We Can Go Again is a highlight amongst highlights.

Read the full Top 22 of 2022 here.


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