Ebenhaezer Dibakwane: Nelspruit’s Comic Crossover

This week finds us diving into the world of comedy as our spotlight falls on Ebenhaezer Dibakwane. Ebenhaezer is a multi-faceted storyteller best known as a comedian; an award-winning one at that. Ebenhaezer took home Savannah’s Comic Choice’s Newcomer Award in 2016 and quickly followed that up with Intermediate Award in 2017. 2018 seems to be poised as a landmark year for this 24-year-old entertainer as he continues his rise to greatness.

Ebenhaezer is an incredibly dynamic entertainer. What sets him apart, for me, from a lot of other comedians I’ve seen, is his specific mix of pathos within his performance. It’s a quality that encapsulates and activates his entire being. A quality that captivated me the first time I saw him perform at a comedy club when he uttered the first words of his set that day; my life is in shambles. At a point in time that statement rang true, he was homeless on and off for 18 months, but is seemingly dissipating as his ascension continues. Apart from live comedy, Ebenhaezer has also forayed into acting. He’s appeared in multiple 2016’s Bantu Hour sketches and last year he landed his first starring role in SABC’s 1’s Thuli No Thulani. I had the privilege of working with him on my upcoming web-series, Pride and Petty, where he provides truly scene-stealing work. Working with him, I was blown away by the type of work he brought and the kind of questions he asked in the process of embodying the character. Given the right type of material, I see him being able to be a consistently stirring actor adding to the library of comedic crossovers; see Jamie Foxx, Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy.

This year Ebenhaezer has his sight set on Savannah’s Breakthrough Award and breaking through, he is on numerous fronts. 2018 is already proving to be a landmark year for the rising star; Ebenhaezer was part of the inaugural cast of M-Net’s Dancing with The Stars. This week he makes his big screen debut on Diprente’s Catching Feelings; as an avid lover of South African film. I’m beyond excited to see him there.  At 24, Ebenhaezer is just at the beginning of his storied career.



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