Mzansi’s latest comedy, Pride and Petty, is a statement of youthful collaboration and independence.

Broke Ass Independents is a movement that supports and aims to champion youthful entertainment made by the youth in South Africa. Sporting a cast and crew all under 30 and made from a shoestring budget, Pride and Petty stands as a statement of youthful collaboration and independence. At the centre of it is first time producer Yalezo Njuguna. At 23 years old, Yalezo Njuguna, an alumnus of M-Net’s 2015 Magic in Motion Academy, has industry experience as a writer on three made-for-TV films and a directing credit for one, Mzansi Magic’s The Ring (2015).

Pride and Petty is a comedy following the antics of a toxic broken-up couple who can’t get over each other. It consists of 12 short episodes all between 2 and 5 minutes. Influenced by the likes of Insecure, Chewing Gum and The Real Husbands of Hollywood, Pride and Petty is a web-series that blends savage humour with a building storyline that differentiates it from the traditional sitcom. The series originated as a spin-off of Taxi Services; a skit made for Broke Ass Independents’ YouTube page.

The production is littered with fresh faces, a great number of which is their first foray into media outside of a schooling environment. Mixed in with the fresh faces are some critically acclaimed trailblazers; two-time Comic’s Choice Award Winner Ebenhaezer Dibakwane within cast and recent SAFTA-winner Tsitsi Chiumya as a scriptwriter. Pride and Petty is also playlisted with a handful of independent trailblazing South African musicians including Trap-soul artist Benny Afroe, Experimental R&B crooner Sechaba Ramphele and hip-hop collective We$Gang to name a few.

Pride and Petty is the first of many Broke Ass Independents’ production that aim to celebrate and showcase the youthful talent brimming in South Africa. Their second web-series, The Unmanly Man Association, is currently already available on YouTube with Pride and Petty launching in 1st November 2018 on YouTube.




Kibare Njuguna

Nikiwe Buhlalu

Sharon Githinji

Mbasa Cokile

Kevin J. King

Ebenhaezer Dibakwane

Buhle Hlatshwayo

Aluta Qupa

Amohelang Hlakotsi

Byron Naidoo

Sivela Mgudu


Yalezo Njuguna

Reeza Thomas


Yalezo Njuguna

Kibare Njuguna

Tsitsi Chiumya


Yalezo Njuguna

Simbai Kanjere


Simbai Kanjere

Yalezo Njuguna


Benny Afroe

Sechaba Ramphele


Amnesty (South Africa)

Lazlo Gunner

Ross Bugden


Reeza Thomas

Ranaa Chevikman

Uwe Saunders

Tshepo Narvis

Kibare Njuguna


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