What’s Hot On The Screen, Thomas Gumede Interview on Kedibone – September 2020

Welcome to What’s Hot On The Screen, our segment that focuses on new and interesting releases in the world of online content, film and television. This week we have our first interview with the actor, director, presenter extraordinaire, Thomas Gumede! The SAFTA-winning filmmaker sat down with us on a Zoom call to talk about his directorial feature-length debut in the upcoming film, Kedibone. One of the selections at the prestigious Durban International Film Festival; this coming-of-age story, lead by Natasha Thahane as the titular character, is set to hit our big screens on the 16th April 2021! Find out more about his journey with the film, DIFF 2020 and more of his upcoming projects in our interview below. Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Captivate FM and more, listen to it on your preferred streaming site here.


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