Abo Mvelo – Daliwonga featuring Mellow & Sleazy & M.J [produced by Mellow and Sleazy], Top 22 Songs of 2022

Kicking off our Top 22 of 2022 is our dance anthem of the year, Abo Mvelo. This is the second year in a row where Daliwonga is the central vocalist of my favourite club piano banger. He has this penchant of sliding his slithering persona into these epically vaunting soundscapes, Abo Mvelo is no different in this regard as Mellow & Sleazy provide a monstrous production for Daliwonga to swagger on with delicious bombast. Abo Mvelo is cultural braggadoccio finely tuned about men for whom money is no problem. Lyrically referencing Trompies’ seminal Magasman, Abo Mvelo finds Daliwonga warning men who are playing around with their women that he and his boys can take care of business, via lobola, if they don’t stop playing. M.J further pushes this narrative along by boasting about their ability to settle any bill they are asked to without worrying about the change, demanding respect for his crew when people are within their presence. Sonically Mellow and Sleazy’s production starts off unassumingly alluring with a tribal set-up before transforming into this soul-shifting assault lead by how hard those drums hit. The boastful danger that Daliwonga and M.J speak about is felt in that intense breakdown that leaves you no choice but to surrender to the madness. Daliwonga’s performance is also dynamic as it oscillates between a quiet taunt and this brash declaration of power that M.J also runs with. What this results in is this mood-boosting anthem that can make you feel on top of the world as you rally your crew for an adventure. Abo Mvelo is a titanic banger that knows how to make its presence felt. It’s another star-turn from Daliwonga, who’s proven himself to be one of Amapiano’s premiere vocalists; and a tremendous production from the trailblazing Mellow & Sleazy who have pioneered one of the culture’s dominating sub-genres. All the boys delivered in this braggadoccious display of power that remains on high rotation, like I said it’s my club banger of the year.

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