Above Your Head – aboynamedblu [produced by aboynamedblu], Top 22 Songs of 2022

aboynamedblu is a songwriter whose pen drips with a searing intensity that bites, there’s this youthful snark that permeates within some of my favourite songs of his. Whilst the snark was self-deprecatingly mellow within last year’s pick, where lucy said, his snarky disposition takes center stage within the gloriously disrespectful Above Your Head. Above Your Head is a song that finds aboynamedblu rethinking the initial feelings he’s had about a specific person. The song opens with aboynamedblu coyly delivering the lyrics “Maybe I was wrong about you…”; backed by an incredibly upbeat chorus of voices chanting “about you!” The song’s production and vocal approach is an excited rush of adrenaline so upbeat that one would be expecting a positive revelation which is tonally deceptive to the crushing bluntness of its catchy chorus that reads: “Way above your head! You should never pay with your two cents… It’s not often you catch on the things that I say. I watch it go way above your head.” With a brusque length that comes just under 2 minutes, Above Your Head is an incredibly catchy rock song that sweeps you into its mayhem with reckless abandon. It’s the type of fun song you can aimlessly jump around to as you relinquish your frustrations. It’s not that deep, it’s just deliciously delivered rock music that is fun and utterly disrespectful.

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