Don’t Leave Me – Garden Music [produced by Big Dreamz], Top 22 Songs of 2022

There are some songs that just put a big smile on your face whenever you hear them, Don’t Leave Me is one of those songs for me. Reba Red and Big Dreamz are an inspired duo as Garden Music, with their delicate mix of acoustic soul. Their self-titled 4-track EP is a buttery soundscape of fluttery romance, Don’t Leave Me is a chapter that explores the deep yearn of wanting to be with your partner. Reba Red starts the song sitting on anxious energy. She’s frustrated that she’s not getting the attention she craves from her partner as she realizes how much affection she’s carrying for him. Contrastingly Big Dreamz is more content, preparing to spend some quality time and assure her of his feelings. Don’t Leave Me is an ethereal trip bolstered by the song’s instrumentation and vocal production. Reba Red’s layers of vocals sound heavenly floating on-top of Dreamz’ acoustic guitar and lightly peppered chimes. The crickets add to the nightly intimacy whilst Dreamz’ warm baritone creates more depth when contrasted against Reba’s light but trepid performance. Don’t Leave Me is a beautiful love song that thrives on Garden Music’s chemistry and dynamic. It’s unbridled and peaceful; restless and joyous, and a lot of other paradoxes that exist when love and infatuation are at play. I’d highly recommend their entire project because it’s a precious body of work that hasn’t left me since first hearing it.

Read the full Top 22 of 2022 here.


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