Egyptian Silk – Redacted Nation featuring Masilo The Healer, Monelle & IORDN [produced by IORDN], Top 22 Songs of 2022

“There’s nothing between us but Egyptian Silk, tell me how you feel…” Our next selection is a braggadoccios hip-hop and R&B hybrid that sets its grandeur towards romance. Music collective, Redacted Nation, take us on a hedonic fantasy exploring the destinations they’d go to enjoy private time with their romantic partners. Masilo The Healer sets the tone by exuding worldly charisma with a jet-setting verse that involves Lake Tanganyika and richly getting immersed in foreign cities using his adept ability to blend in with the locals of an area. Monelle turns up the intimacy as she paints a one night affair that ends with her and her partner having nothing but Egyptian Silk between them as they enjoy their time together. At the heart of Egyptian Silk is IORDN who not only delivers the song’s central hook and final verse but is also the maestro behind the production. IORDN’s vocal performance anchors the song with great earnest as both his chorus and verse are deep declarations of love that express long-term engagement. His verse is centrally focused on building and pouring into the partner that got him to let his guard down. Egyptian Silk‘s production elevates all Redacted’s sentiments to a grand scale with its lush and orchestral instrumentation, whether you’re talking about the warm and boldly played keys or the sweeping strings that flutter at the heartstrings. Egyptian Silk is a bold and enduring love song from a collective with overwhelming charisma. It sweeps you off your feet and makes you want to dangle them with that special someone. It’s my most played love song of 2022 from this overall list and still remains on high rotation. So if you excuse me, I’m about to grab a mojito and get lost in the sauce.

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