Falling Apart – Luh’ra, Top 22 Songs of 2022

“Oh, I’m torn apart; I should have known from the start. I can’t believe… I liked it when you loved me.” Backdropped by rain and instrumentation that’s just as gloomy, our next song is an act of fragility. Luh’ra delivers a heart-aching jazz ballad with the mournful EP-opener that is Falling Apart. Falling Apart finds Luh’ra quietly living up to the song’s name as she comes to terms with just how much she appreciated someone’s presence and how they made her feel. “I’m falling apart, I’m falling for you.” Luh’ra delivers Falling Apart entirely in hushed tones. You can almost see her curled up in a longing ball of quiet contemplation with how delicately she reaches the song’s central realization. Falling Apart lets the music do the talking when words fails with beautiful instrumental passages that swirl you in their mournful longing of moments passed. The ballad is a wilting cry carried by gorgeous instrumentation and a beautifully restrained performance. It’s vulnerable writing delivered with earnest. Falling Apart is a tender song that allows you to fall apart with it, and I have fallen many a time.

Read the full Top 22 of 2022 here.


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