Last Last – Burna Boy [produced by Chopstix, Mds, Ruuben and Off & Out], Top 22 Songs of 2022

There’s something quite ironic about a heartbreak anthem of this magnitude being built on top of one of this century’s sassiest R&B diss tracks… It shouldn’t work as well as it does but Burna Boy is a revelation, Last Last is defiantly captivating.

Last Last finds Burna Boy reeling from a devastating break-up that has him experiencing wild mood swings as he comes to terms with the relationship’s end. He consoles himself with the knowledge that heartbreak is something that everyone has to go through, but for him to cope right now he needs the comfort of alcohol and weed to pick himself back up. Last Last is the infectious heartbreak anthem of 2022. Its vocal production is teeming with broken emotion from Burna Boy’s vulnerable lead to the song’s stacked chants that are delivered with such drunken vigour that you feel like you need Igbo and Shayo too.

Burna Boy struck gold by turning this Toni Braxton classic on its head, the song feels like a friend you can turn to to keep you going as you breathe the wounds of heartbreak. Last Last is one of the most enduring hits of 2022 because it is cathartically satisfying, an anthem that further etches the African Giant into the annals of music history.

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