Pressure – Wizkid [produced by P.Priime], Top 22 Songs of 2022

Wizkid is in heat because of a derriere that’s bringing him pressure… Wizkid has established himself as one of the premiere global exporters of Casanova music, few of his contemporaries are as consistent or as captivating within that persona. The title of his latest project further cements his swooning intentions as More Love, Less Ego picks up where tracks like his inescapable Essence left off, only now with richer instrumentation and a bolder presence. Wizkid is here for a good time and makes exquisite music for those occasions. Our selection is one of the more primal cuts from his latest offering, the venereal Pressure. Pressure is one of the slinkiest songs to have scintillated my ears in 2022, those drums immediately draw a deeply carnal energy as Big Wiz slyly slithers in. The song’s production is a flirty affair that finds Wizkid providing one of his most dynamic vocal performances on the album. Pressure almost feels like More Love, Less Ego’s mission statement as it encapsulates his headspace with him declaring: “Never really speak on the things I don’t know. Omo na you be my business oh. Ikebe causing commotion, ikebe wey dey bad I must concur. And I no dey look for the things I no want, omo na you be my business oh. I know you wanting all my touch…” This is a man focused on enjoyment, a playboy that knows his limits; a Casanova ready to feel the pressure. Pressure is a vibey banger that really sees the Starboy fully in his element as he sings, raps and flirts his way into a good time. Rich in instrumentation and packed with personality, it serves as a saucy soundtrack for the moments where pressure must be applied.

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