Red Wine – Preye [produced by Ikon Ekwuyasi & Joshua Ahazie], Top 22 Songs of 2022

“By the end of the night we’ll be singing a duet and not the race that make the lovers sweat…” Just like good wine our next pick matures and refines itself with time. Preye delivers a deliciously sensual serenade about lovemaking with the steamy Red Wine.

Red Wine is bedroom R&B that finds Preye indulging in an intoxicating night of intimacy as she laments on the power that great sex holds. The production simmers at a pace that is in no rush to end whilst Preye’s vocals sizzle, serving smooth R&B realness. Preye is a true siren with how her vocals allure from the artful vocal runs to the warm coos.

Sensual, steamy and soothing; Red Wine is the quiet storm that endures, it unassumingly crept up on me over time with how enjoyable it is. Red Wine is matured and doesn’t try to sell you on its goods because it already knows it has it.

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