Sete – K.O featuring Young Stunna & Blxckie [produced by Calliemajik Beats, K.O & Glody ‘GloBeatz’ Kasongo], Top 22 Songs of 2022

If there’s one thing K.O knows his way around it’s a hit. The iconic artist is nearing an almost two-decade run of capturing the zeitgeist, if not outrightly shifting it, with his music. This year saw him extending this run by producing one of the biggest hits of his career and of this decade with the sumptuous Sete.

K.O recruits Blxckie & Young Stunna for this extravagant Afrobeats banger that finds them fawning over their partners, assuring these ladies that they will be set with them. K.O sets a braggadocious tone with a verse that finds him splurging on Chanel, gold watches, cars and international trips, knowingly making her partner’s ex jealous whilst showering her with his affection. Young Stunna’s charisma shines with a chorus that flows like water. He smoulders with a quiet assurance that carries into his verse of explaining how fuzzy and alive his girl makes him feel. Blxckie adds in his own sweet nothings in a verse that climaxes into a climactic bridge of Blxckie adlibs over Stunna’s affirmations, whilst a saxophone riffs our souls into the stratosphere.

Sete is sensually intoxicating. The production simmers with a percussion that delivers an unyielding groove, a sultry saxophone that knows when to turn up the heat and unassuming background vocals that just sway into your subconscious. Pressing play often means pressing repeat because Sete just feels like more. At point of publication Sete held radio’s pole position for 19 consecutive weeks and is still burning smooth within the top 2. It’s an unforgettable banger from three of the savviest players in South African music doing what they do best.

Read the full Top 22 of 2022 here. Read more Young Stunna related content here, Blxckie here and GloBeatz here.

Listen to Blxckie’s All That Yazz feature here.

Fun Fact: Blxckie is tied for the most appearances of any rapper/singer on this year’s Next Gen Greats list. This year he shares this distinction with Thato Saul and Maglera Doe Boy who all appear 3 times.


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